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It has been developed by some of America's leading acoustical and Lighting engineers. It will offer acousticlly and visually adaptable spaces for all types of rehearsal needs., rehearsal tapig for playback, one of America's largest inventories of rental instruments, and MORE. It will accomodate anyone from a three-piece rock band to a 110-piece symphony orchestra to a Broadway production...

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In Bethesda, MD, Mickey Toperzer of Drums Unlimited recognized the need for a rehearsal space in the Washington, DC, area and he met it head-on...

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Rehearsal Spaces Inc. Gives Musicians Room to Refine Their Tunes

In a Kensington Warehouse close to firms specializing in draperies, chemicals and building equipment, conductor Peter Ernst lassen raised his baton yesterday before the 45 members of the Royal Danish Ballet Orchestra. The next sound in the dusty warehouse neighborhood was that of professional musicians breezing through "Napoli," written by a 19th century Danish composer. They were rehearsing for their three-night engagement at Wolf Trap, which begins tonight...