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Good Decisions In Concert

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Good Decisions In Concert

Staging ~~~ Rehearsal Space ~~~ Live / Studio Recording ~~~ Stage / Televison Lighting ~~~ Engineering / Consulting ~~~ Sound Reinforcement ~~~ Installations / Training ~~~ Video Production ~~~ Tour Support

GDIC can provide just about anything you could possibly need for your rehearsal. Perfect for music rehearsals from small group to orchestra arrangements. Now with Free Wireless Internet connection for you convenience! Feel free to contact them to discuss all your needs.

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The angled wall on the right is made up of a total of, 5 Layers of drywall including foam and airspace.

Three Phase - 50 Amp
Twist Lock Break Out Box.
(Switchable to 100 Amp)

7 Seperate Circuts - Stage 1, Stage 2, Lights, Dimmers, FOH, Amps 1, Amps 2.

There are two load in areas. One next to the Rehearsal Room for a quick and easy load in. A second Loading Dock for trucks in need of a loading dock. Maximum Height from loading Dock to rehearsal Room is 7' 1" Back em' in, Load um' up, Move em' out, Rawhide! Yah!

For Additional information and specs feel free to Contact GDIC.